Hypertension in Dialysis Patients

What is blood pressure?

Heart pumped blood to reach the organ in order to bring them assigns oxygen and nutrients is required to transmit a certain pressure in the vessel. The pressure in humans is usually kept constant in value.

To the higher of these values can be determined with a sphygmomanometer "large" or "systolic" blood pressure, which is lower than the "small" or diastolic blood pressure given name.

This pressure can vary between people and the average blood pressure of 120 mmHg for large, 80mmHg 'd to small blood. Showing an increase in blood pressure of 140 / 90mmHg values exceed the "high blood pressure" or "hypertension" is called.

Blood pressure should be measured when?

* Blood pressure control is best done with a blood pressure of people they are comfortable, must be measured at a time when they feel tension.
* Making home blood pressure monitoring in addition to measurements made from time to time entering dialysis patients from dialysis sessions may be requested. Thus, antihypertensive treatment can be arranged better.

Blood pressure should ölçtürül when?

After meals
Smoker after
After drinking alcohol
People overly excited, the moments when upset or frustrated
When using cold and flu meds
After exercise (20-25 minutes should be measured after the rest.)

What is the relationship between high blood pressure and kidney failure?

Hypertension is a common finding in renal insufficiency and in patients with chronic renal failure about 80% n has hypertension. The increase in kidney damage in patients with renal hypertension has an important role. Has been shown to reduce the rate of progression of blood pressure lowering therapy renal failure.

How does high blood pressure affect bodies?

Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure in all vessels in the body (arteriosclerosis) accelerates. As a result, many organs and cause vital problems in the system. In addition to continuous high pressure pump function of the heart continued structural and functional changes develop. Other factors include high blood sugar in patients with diabetes accelerates atherosclerosis and needs to be corrected, smoking, considered to be high blood fat.

What are the problems that can occur due to blood pressure elevation?

Kidneys in patients who have loss of one function to the function
-Down The left ventricle in the growth and subsequent heart failure
Due to accelerated atherosclerosis in the cardiovascular corona angina pectoris (chest pain) and an increased risk of heart attack
- Stroke of
Developing -Guys leading to strokes, depending on the veins due to a decrease in blood supply to the brain atheroskeroz
- Loss of vision due to problems in the eye veins
- Leg sores can lead to contraction-induced leg pain and loss of limb vascular formation

What are the causes of hypertension in renal failure?

Excess of water in the body
Accumulation of salt in the body
More work parathyroid glands
Vascular changes
Accumulation of various wastes
Increase and reduction of the operating system that some role in regulating blood pressure
Erythropoietin therapy

How to prevent hypertension in renal patients?

Kidney patients blood pressure lowering medication treatment is important as is the control of body water. Excess salt and water in the body increases the blood pressure. More water is now engaged in the work of the kidneys remove tasks from the body together with substances in the body causes an accumulation of water in the body atılamayıp in these patients. Is more water than normal body hypervolemia (volume overload) is called.

What are the causes hypervolemia?

* One of the healthy kidney task is to throw out the liquid we received. Fluid taken ill and unable to make the task of kidneys discarded by dialysis. But still more fluid can accumulate in the body.
* The most important reason as to why alınmasıdır.tuz salt in the body to retain water and increased thirst contributes to hypervolemia.

How to tell which is more fluid in the body?

* Your blood pressure rises.
* Your weight increases
* In the legs, swelling occurs around the eyes and hands.
* Fullness in the neck veins are observed
* Drawn difficulty breathing
* Lying is needed more pillows
* Escape while you forced
* May be due to high blood pressure headache

What is to be considered first when the patient is diagnosed as hypertensive dialysis?

* Dry weight than it should be considered to be at a higher level.

What should be done in the treatment of dialysis patients with high blood pressure?

* First, you need to redefine the ideal dry weight of the patient. Also can use different techniques to do this, usually refers to controlled dialysis physicians from normal blood pressure and slowly pulling down your dialysis output can try to determine the ideal weight for weight.
* To shoot dry weight down

1) reducing salt and water intake, weight gain between two dialysis should be reduced below 2-2,5kg
2) patients with urinary diuretic (diuretic) medications can be given to trying to increase the amount of urine
3) may be withdrawn slowly and in a controlled manner by increasing the quantity of dialysis liquid taken out of the dialysis weight down.
4) In patients who can not tolerate the dry weight reduction on dialysis and dialysis time extension may be the need to make additional dialysis sessions.

* Rarely, these measures may be required after the use of blood pressure control in patients taking blood pressure-lowering drugs.

What are the steps to make the patient to control blood pressure?

* Salt and keep obeying the water restrictions under the weight gain between two dialysis 2-2,5kg
* Do regular blood pressure monitoring at home
* To interrupt the completion of dialysis and dialysis time to request to leave the dialysis
* Dry weight was taken down in the time duration of dialysis and made understandable increase in the frequency
* Drugs use without disrupting


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