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(Suitable to use for FRESENIUS 4008 B/S devices ) A Practical Alternative for the Liquid Basic Bicarbonate Concentrate (%8,4) Used in the Bicarbonate Hemodialysis Treatment.

Usage Advantages

  • Due to the minimum product volume and weight, it provides usage, handling and storing convenience.
  • As concentrate is prepared just before the treatment by dissolutions of the sodium bicarbonate through hemodialysis device, it removes the risk for contamination and bacterşa formation.
  • It is used in FRESENIUS 4008 B/S dialysis device with the help of machine adapter designed specifically...
  • Since its package is transparent, the function of the device and consumption during the usage can be monitored.
  • Flexible and light weight package facilitate the application and decreases the amount of environmental waste.
  • When the bag is disassembled at the end of the treatment, dirtying of the environment is prevented by closing the adapter with its cap.
  • Since the sodium bicarbonate is in powder form, it preserves its chemical stability longer than liquid basic cocentrate.
  • Its shelf life is 36 months.


REN-BAG,consists of dry, powder sodium bicarbonate conforming to Ph Eur. and USP criterion, and it prepares online liquid basic bicarbonate concentrate in 4008 B/S Fresenius dialysis devices for bicarbonate hemodialysis. Bag is conected to the dialysis device by the help of its adapter, and water passes through the bag thereby preparing the continuous saturated basic sodium bicarbonate concentrated solution. This concentrate solution is proportionally mixed with suiitable quality water and acidic concantrate in hemodialysis machine, and ready to use bicarbonate hemodialysis solution is prepared.

REN-BAG must always be used with a proper acid Concentrate via dilution. Conditions for Acid Concentrate : formula of acid concentrate to be used together with REN_CART must be proper to the common use with basic bicarbonate concentrate having only pure sodium bicarbonate inside, and it could be used by being diluted to the ration of 1:35(1+34) and 1:45(1+44)

Conditions for Water:

Water used in the dilution of concentrate hemodialysis solutions must be compatible with European Pharmacopy and with the local regulation criterion determined for hemodialysis.

REN-BAG, is used in the FRESENIUS 4008 B / S hemodialysis device.

REN-BAG has filters preventing the powder sodium bicarbonate passage into dialysis device as in solid state before the dissolution and during the formation of solution.

REN-BAG, is produced in the REN-MED facilities in which quality assurance system is established according to the ISO 13485 standard, and it has CE certificate according to the requirements of 93/42 EEC Medical device directive..

Product Ren-Bag 650 Ren-Bag 750 Ren-Bag 950
Code RB 01 RB 02 RB 03
Content of the Product (Sodium Bicarbonate) 650 g 750 g 950 g
Irem/Box 16 14 10
Exploittable Capacity (Dialysis period) >5 Hours
>6 Hours
>10 Hours

Shelf life  3 Years.
Standard Mixture ratio A compound::B compund: Water = 1:1,225 : 32,775 and 500ml/min dialysate flow velocity

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