About us

Ren-Med Medical Products & Trade Ltd. Co. was established in Istanbul in 1991.In 1993, Ren-Med became the first company producing the Concentrated Hemodialysis Solutions in Turkey.In 1996, Our headquarters moved to Ankara and we established our first production plant at Maltepe-Ankara.


In 2001, our company established its present production factory of Concentrated Hemodialysis Solutions. In our factory the production is carried out according to the GMP rules in a closed type area of 3000 m2 located in Temelli-Ankara.


In 2004, we established a second production plant at industrial zone of Temelli-Ankara. At this plant, we started to produce polyethylene jerry cans which are the packages based on our Concentrated Hemodialysis Solutions.


Our Quality Policy:

  • To produce products in accordance with international standarts.
  • We are aiming at being the leading manufacturing company in the area of Concentrate Hemodialysis Solutions Production Sector with our highest Standard.
  • Provide with quality service for our customers’ satisfaction, achieving beter  quality service, implamenting active and constant educational programs, producing in accordance with European pharmacopeia standards.
  • Enhancing the quality and efficiency.
  • To use the resources effectively
  • To apply latest developments trends in science and technology by actively implementing them.
  • To be selective by hiring highly professional staff. Employing qualified and experienced staff members.
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Useful Information

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