Psychology and Rehabilitation in Dialysis Patients

What should be the proper behavior of family and friends?

First of all: only one answer to this, let's assume that one key solution and a single approach. I observe in our dialysis unit and I would like to draw attention to the following points within my impression I gained from my psychological support for the interview.

1 age of our patients starting dialysis
2. The process they go through until you have entered Dialysis
3. The family structure of our patients (dialysis process before and after the family's attitude, responses)
4. The general personality characteristics of our patients

All these points, they reflect the response of our patients and the environment, in our opinion is very important.

1. Starting Dialysis age:

"Machine lifestyle" as adopted by the age factor: expectations about life; purpose and personality structure in the forward extracted "defense mechanisms" are gaining importance. For example: we have dealt with a person we think high school-age pension during the start of hemodialysis in expectations regarding another person's life, we observe that the same approach in the disease process and the purpose of evaluation.

Should I continue my studies in high school, how it will affect my illness is life, how can I put my discomfort in my friendship relationships in my life I will just focus on me to illness in the style of questioning in the retirement age, while concerned "already living my career is finished it for was going steady now launched a new deal with the process with the disease now hemodialysis for me "was business" style can be taken in response. of course, all we counted are just some of the wide variety of responses and only "age" factor would be objectionable by the described them in our opinion. we will try to address the following are being decisive in the response of our patients, and other factors.

2 Process Spent dialysis until you have entered:

This is "the process" means "living machine" to meet up with the "disease" is a process. Some of our patients "already for a long time so my doctor that I am concerned with hemodialysis was no more that I can enter a requirement that day I was not surprised at all" I'm not what they say. When I look at this process in terms of psychological observation "and a fearful expectation but both oneself training process" as I consider. However, some of our patients, "I removed 1 week ago I did not have anything suddenly I found myself in the hospital and enters the machine," a description of the background "suddenly met with a dialysis machine and truth," I observe. This "necessary to meet sudden and" I want to draw the attention of all patients, especially close to the intense feelings of anxiety can bring.

3. Family structure of our patients (the time before and after dialysis into the family's attitude, responses)

Our patients; I can not go without saying that the family and the immediate environment of the format used to handle them correctly and spiritual support is extremely important. If I understand correctly handling the form of "spiritual needs of our patients feel them if necessary! Is to help".

For example: Dialysis is tired out in that day because it is next to one of our patients who want to relax and be alone in the room to talk to our patients actually close, trying to cheer him unable to respond to the current spiritual needs. True spiritual help: when necessary and our own spiritual needs of the patient is the one in the direction of feed. "Both the time and helping a good enough family structure - and not always need a lot! Preferred a family trying to help." Because the purpose: our patients always receive and handle them as individuals "acizleştir and / or the baby" to avoid the prevalence of asthma behavior. Therefore, I would like to emphasize here; family of spiritual help in terms of time and the amount is that it is extremely important. These help our beginners dialysis process can be passed from time to time and in pessimism is gaining tremendous value. In terms of right and dose! adjusted as needed psychological help for countless patients psychologically strong enough to make us think that it is very benefits. Another point I want to emphasize strongly here:

The family structure that we think work well before the disturbance (solidarity, confront the challenges together, share common reactions such as happiness) plays a role in the empowerment of mental hasten our patients. The disease process and "hemodialysis life" attitude of the stage in the family could be reflected in a positive or negative response to our patients.

4. General Personality Features of our patients:

Personality structure of our spiritual response to disease characteristics are significantly involved. We react to the challenging process of life, how do we adapt them to our lives, "crisis" period can be considered as "disease" is also set in the familiarization period. Briefly "kidney disease and hemodialysis in the treatment process" person in our opinion is not accurate to say that the occurrence of a new personality features. "Already exists in the structure of personality functioning or suppressed features may emerge as more prominent." For example; already around "edgy" more evident now well recognized as a person of this feature.

Here, too, to avoid generalizations and at various stages of the illness process (get used to the machine, -kidneys transplant acceptance-such as illness or questioning decisions in various stages) can be given a wide variety of responses; family members should be made to underline the harmony of common sense and I would approach them.

Observation my attention to important points when sharing with you my intention was to draw again. To summarize all the above are very summary in one sentence:

"Patients will do our most important spiritual assistance of family members, their savvy, savvy" and the required amount of time the patient personality, age, and is the one to be ignored they live "I would say.

Topic 2: Hemodialysis and Psychological Responses

Different treatment options are dialysis (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis as) while maintaining the life of the individual, psychological and social aspects of the requirements are aimed to be fed at the highest level. The physician and the person it deems appropriate psychological problems which may occur in hemodialysis treatment that directs. Let us consider briefly:

Treatment First Start Process "Machine" and the intense difficulties in accepting the treatment and brought these challenges: extreme anxiety, nervousness, rebellion, frustration, resistance to treatment, intense anger; sometimes as a result of personality characteristics: extreme reticence, self bırakmışlık, everything attitude submissive, family and against in his inner world intense guilt affect my-my, they have difficulty my face, I could not do this wrong in my past life, this would not be a punishment to me and my family thoughts on important queries and intense state of anxiety and affective reactions to life are some of the processes encountered.

These reactions and many different emotional states to be monitored

. patient's "inner world" of him,
. families from the surrounding area,
. the treatment team,

Income different answers. The most accurate attempt can be made at this stage: Whatever the response, our patient: the family and the medical team: to feel like we were next to make her listen confidence in, COMMENT ACTION WORKING, (I wish thinks, I avoid as much as possible in the style of doing) and cooperativeness (family patient, treatment team) should be.

Treatment Driving

Some individuals personality features easily can realize the adjustment of the treatment; sometimes others: "The rebellion affects, compliance with treatment refusal, intense pessimism affect strength, weariness feeling will last until n? - again, the disease process of inquiry, different descriptions and miraculous solutions for search:" to me did not understand, I would have another if I was in such and such country ... "physical and social inadequacy feelings, hostile to the dialysis team (and-or family environment), to adhere to the diet, and constantly crave, but requests are not satisfied even if it is achieved "attitude develop.

This step is required in the family and care team collaboration: the patient "understands", in her response "accept", "to exhibit attitudes and help to maintain contact to find the right" objective must be obtained.

Very briefly: the treatment with hemodialysis, whatever personal responses in individual patients; '' him '' There are things to do to.


. Treatment at all stages of treatment, various causes of dietary restrictions should forward requests for information about how late the dialysis session of the treatment team

. Expectations, clear emotions and thoughts, and also of -Respect the attitude that considers the boundaries of the treatment team - contact us should share in the media

. The hemodialysis "life" as a realistic way (what a focus on treatment nor completely ignoring entirely) should place

. He acquiring social personal purposes, should be able to control himself of his life, around should avoid excessive dependence

. Life while "hemodialysis" in terms of himself and his family; all psychological and social problems of one and should avoid seeing as the main source

. Treatment team thought that the problems with the psychologist Stage: "In confidence, if necessary, long-term talks" should not hesitate to take.


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