Concentrated Hemodialysis Solutions

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Warnings Precautions

  1. Hemodialysis concentrates must be diluted before use.
  2. Don't use the remaining concentrates.
  3. Electrolyte values of hemodialysis solutions should be regularly checked and only clear concentrates should be used.
  4. Precipitated cocentrates shouldn't be used.
  5. Should be used by only trained person and under physician's control.
  6. Treatment session time and blood flow velocity should be adjusted with care.
  7. It should only be used together with an appropriate basic bicarbonate cocentrate.
  8. Don't use damaged or leaking containers.
  9. Avoid any microbial contamination of concentrates during use.
  10. Concentrate solutions should only be diluted with Reserve Osmosis water (preferably strelized) meeting the criteria set out by European Pharmacopiea for preparation of dialysates. Care sholud be paid to the existence possibility of pyrogenic amyls in dilutian water and especially ions that could cause accumulation in repeating sessions such as aluminium, mercury, zinc, fluoride, phosphates and sulphates. Concentration of aluminium must be under 10 mikrogram/L. Free chlorine and ozone mustn't exist.
  11. Don't use the cocentrates after its expiry date. 
  12. Protect aganist frost.
  13. Keep in a place and original package which cana not be reached by children.

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